Best of Pattaya: Idyllic Beachfront Glass Restaurant!

The Glass House Silver, Pattaya

A quick 2 hour drive from Bangkok, Pattaya is the perfect weekend getaway to enjoy crystal blue beaches, temples, markets, and good eats. Located just steps from the beach and minutes away from the world renowned Sanctuary of Truth, The Glass House Silver restaurant is a must-vist during your next trip to Pattaya. There are actually two Glass House locations in Pattaya. The first, and more popular, is located on Jomtien Bay overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. However, we decided to visit the newly opened Glass House Silver, located on Northern Pattaya Beach. This location was less crowded, but equally as stunning. Nearby attractions include Art in Paradise, Pattaya Night Bazar, Terminal 21 and Sanctuary of Truth.

The Aesthetics

The interior has a very idyllic, warm coastal vibe and features the first sliding restaurant in the world! While we were enjoying our meal the glass walls opened up revealing the beautiful beachfront view – it was a pleasant surprise that just amplified the pleasing ambience. Additionally, Glass House Silver features live acoustic music, adding to its peaceful and serene aesthetic.

The Menu

The menu boasts reasonable prices and offers a wide range of Thai, European, and Japanese cuisine dishes. Additionally, an extensive selection of carefully curated cocktails are available at the bar and for table-side service. During our visit we enjoyed Cashew Nut Chicken, Fried Rice, and Yakisoba. This paired deliciously with the tea we got! Afterwards, we could not pass up the tempting dessert bar. The ice cream was honestly some of the best I have had in Thailand! If you want to try a more traditional Thai dessert, some of my favorites on their menu are the Thai Roti with banana or Thai Milk Tea Frozen Dessert.

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