Retro Red Polka Dots: 50’s inspired dress for Summer!

Retro Polka Dot Wrap Dress at Candy Shop

Retro Polka Dot Summer DressShop my Look: Burgundy Polka Dot Dress

Retro Red Polka Dots: The Perfect Summer Dress!

Today I have partnered with Aggieland Outfitters to bring you the perfect summer dress. This burgundy color is so fun for Spring and Summer, and the best thing is you can bring it out of your closet in August for Football season! (122 days away ’till Aggie Football, WHOOP!)

I don’t know about y’all but this dress gives me such Rachel-McAdams-notebook-vibes! Her red ensemble was always my favorite look from the movie, but I mean is there anything she wore that she didn’t look absolutely perfect in?!

I have always had an obsession with 50s fashion, and I love that this dress takes a little inspiration from that! The ruffled sleeves are the perfect little detail to this retro dress. I have also been loving tie-front dresses and wrap dresses for this season, so that’s just the cherry on top for this dress! I know I will be pulling this out of my closet so often this summer.

Polka Dot Summer Dress in Century Square  Burgundy Polka Dot Summer Dress

Polka Dot Summer Dress Aggieland Outfitters

Polka Dot Summer Dress Hey Sugar Candy Ice Cream Parlor  Polka Dot Burgundy Game Day Dress

Aggie Game Day Dress

The Notebook Inspired Retro Red Dress

Shop my Look: Burgundy Polka Dot Dress

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