Easy Second Day Hairstyle

Today I a’m going to show y’all this easy peasyyy second day hairstyle. (or third or fourth… we’ve all been there)

I love creating this hairstyle because it makes you look a whole lot more put together when in reality your hair is a grease ball and your just trying to get it out of your face. The best part is, creating this braid literally takes me under 60 seconds!

Now, let’s get on to how I create this look in 3 simple steps!

  1. Spray dry shampoo at the root of your hair and then brush through. I recommend Batiste dry shampoo. (I am the QUEEN of dry shampoo y’all – and this is by far my favorite.)
  2. Separate 1/3 of your hair from the crown of your head, brush it back to smooth all bumps and create a dutch braid about 3/4 of the way down. If you don’t know how to dutch braid, I have linked a simple tutorial here.
  3. Gently massage braid and pull it a part to create more volume. I like mine to be a little bit messier so I pull down a few strands to frame my face for an effortless look.

Optional: Wrap a piece of remaining hair around your ponytail holder and secure with bobby pin to make this look even more elegant.

That’s it! Now you’ve created a simple dutch braid in only three easy steps.

Let me know if you would like to see more hairstyles in the comments below!

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