Kalon Girl: Tara D’Astoli

My name is Tara and I am the creator of Keeping Up With The Fashions! Outside of the blogging world I am a Paraprofessional, a Vocal Instructor and a Tutor. While working at a school I was constantly asked where I buy my clothing and was always so excited to share my finds with everyone! When I first started my blog I started with 0 followers. Some people start their blog by using their personal account which makes sense because you are starting with at least 1,000 followers. I started from scratch, and to be honest it was a great decision. Watching Keeping Up With The Fashions grow is such an accomplishment! I appreciate all the love and support I receive from my followers.
Throughout my journey as a Fashion Blogger, I look up to Arielle Charnas from Something Navy, along with Dede Road from Dress Up Buttercup. I would look at their blogs and say my ultimate goal is to get accepted as an influencer into Reward Style’s LIKETOKNOW.IT. On April 17, 2017 I received an email stating that I am now a LIKETOKNOW.IT influencer. I had to pull my car over on the side of the road to read the email and I basically started to cry. This was such an accomplishment for me! As time moves forward you start to set new goals and make new accomplishments.
One thing I keep on top of and love to do is engaging with my audience. I love chatting with my followers and answering their comments. It gets hard when your followers go up but I try my best to stay on top of that. One struggle I had is time management. Sometimes I felt like I was all over the place juggling my full time job, vocal lessons, and tutoring but I decided to make a schedule and that definitely helped me manage my time. Some advice I would like to share is, if you have a passion for fashion don’t hold back! Blogging is a judge free zone, your website and social media handles give you the opportunity to express yourself, just do it! Some days you may feel discouraged but we all do. Do what you love and give it your all! XO
Thank you,
Tara D’Astoli

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