Kalon Girl: Ali Huack

Hey ladies!

I’m Ali and I’m a wifey, mama, tech recruiter and now a fashion blogger. Like many of you I was inspired to start a blog by some of the big time bloggers like Rachel from Pink Peonies, Christine from Hello Fashion Blog and Brittney from Thrifts and Threads.  I followed them for years and I love their style. One day I looked myself in the mirror and in my gangster voice I said “Girl, you look fine… Don’t just be a follower, be an influencer” LOL. Okay I didn’t really say that out loud. But I was thinking it. Styling outfits is a form of art and I’ll write a blog post about that next month. 🙂

Since I started blogging my biggest struggle is time management.  Juggling life and adding blogging to it has been difficult but when you’re passionate about something you make time for it. I’m a perfectionist by nature and with anything I do I put in 150% of myself into it hence the reason why I go to bed around 1:00 or 2:00am. If I’m not directly working on the blog I’m researching things about how I can make my blog better or how to grow my following on Instagram. Don’t get me started on that subject because I probably could write a book. 🙂 The best part about starting the blog is I’ve learned so much about building a website, SEO, photography, editing, and I’ve built some great relationships with some amazing girl bosses.

Ali Hauck
Instagram: @thealieffect_

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