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Hi there! My name is Katie Gibbons, creator of The Kalon Blog. I am a netflix-bingeing, coffee-drinking, puppy-loving 23 year old, and lover of food, fashion, and frequent flying.. Kalon is a greek word that means is “beauty is more than skin-deep.”  My inspiration for this blog is to inspire others to live authentically and be fierce and fearless not only with their fashion choices but in their everyday lives. For those who know me, I am someone who cannot still for too long. I am driven by challenges and new opportunities. I have always felt a yearning to travel, but my first time even flying on an airplane was on my 18th birthday when I jumped out of it. After graduating college, I spent a year teaching in Thailand and traveling Southeast Asia, which really kickstarted my passion for travel. This blog serves as a virtual diary for my travels and experiences, and the chance that it may help or inspire someone along the way is just the icing on a cake.

Katie Gibbons // thekalonblog@gmail.com

For business and collaboration inquiries, please contact me at thekalonblog@gmail.com




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