Dragon Temple Wat Samphran: Bangkok Bucket List

Wat Samphran Dragon Temple BangkokWat Samphran Dragon Temple Bangkok

Wat Samphran Dragon Temple Bangkok


Wat Samphran Dragon Temple

Wat Samphran Dragon Temple is located 40 kilometers west of Bangkok.  Out of the thousands of temples in Thailand, it has one of the most remarkable architectures of any temple I have seen over my past year living here. Wat Samphran is not heavily promoted as a tourist destination, hence on our trip there, we were among only a few locals and monks at the temple. The exterior of the temple is extraordinary and striking. It is 80 meters tall signifying how long Buddha lived. Although it is 17 stories tall, rather than climbing stairs to get to the top, you walk through the dragons body which is actually a hollow concrete tunnel. The rooftop of the temple has striking views of the many buddhist statues and palm trees in the region. If you have the time, it truly is a temple worth visiting.

How to get to Wat Samphran

There is no public transport that arrives directly to Wat Samphran. The easiest and most convenient way to get to Wat Samphran is by Grab or Taxi. It cost us around $20 USD round trip from Bangkok. The closest BTS stop to Wat Samphran is Bang Wa, but it is still a considerable distance from the temple so I recommend taking a taxi if you do not have a car or motorbike.

Dress Code and Entrance Fee

The dress code at Wat Samphran is the same as most other temples in Thailand. You must have your shoulders and knees covered and remove your shoes before entering. There is no entrance fee to the temple, but many spots to make donations if you are inclined. Although the temple does not have many visitors and dress code may not always be enforced, it is important to dress appropriately and be considerate of those who are there to pay respects.


Wat Samphran Dragon Temple Bangkok Buddist Statue Viewpoint from Wat Samphran Viewpoint from Wat Samphron Offering Wat Samphran

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