Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya


Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is a must visit on your trip to Pattaya, Thailand. Contrary to popular belief, Sanctuary of Truth is a museum, not a temple. Additionally, it is the only all wood sculpture in the world, and is even more remarkable than it looks in photos. From the upper viewpoint, the entire castle appears as if it’s floating on the sea. It is constructed by Thai craftsman completely by wood, not a single nail used.

The Sanctuary has Buddhist and Hindu influences and is based on the Ayutthaya period. Inside, there are wood carvings representing the the gods of the four elements of our world – earth, water, wind , and fire. The museum has been under construction since 1981 and is not expected to be completed until 2050.

Admission: 500 baht (adults)  250 baht (children)

**You can buy discounted tickets on the Klook app for 385 baht. (select dates only)


Getting to Pattaya from Bangkok:

To get to Pattaya from Bangkok you can take a taxi, train, bus, or shared van. Tickets start as low as 150 baht ($5 USD). We decided to take a bus from the Suvarnabhumi Airport with and tickets were 320 baht per person. Thankfully, the bus ride takes less than 2 hours and they drop you off directly at your hotel.

We tried to book a return ticket back to Bangkok the day we were leaving, but everything was sold out. Lesson learned the hard way! I definitely recommend booking a few days in advance. We ended up having to book a private taxi for our way back to Bangkok. is a great place to find tickets, just make sure you buy a few days in advance to be safe! 


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