Easy No Heat Hairstyles for Summer

I couldn’t be happier that scrunchies are on trend this summer season! (Like they say, everything old is new again!) I have really thick hair, so scrunchies are perfect for holding together my unruly locks! I especially love scrunchies for pool days, because when my hair gets wet it doesn’t get all tangled up in my ponytail. Since it’s summertime my hair is drier than usual, so I try and do a hair mask once a week. You can checkout my super simple (and inexpensive) DIY hair mask here. (It only uses 3 ingredients) I am trying to hold back on using heat as much as possible, so these hairstyles require no heat!

My go-to ways to style my hair this summer have been the side pony, half up-do, or knot bun. They are all ridiculously easy, (hence the title) and are the perfect way to get my hair out of my face in less than 30 seconds! The side pony is pretty self explanatory, I just gather all my hair to the side of my head and I will usually pull at my roots and the base of the pony to give it some volume! For my bun, my hair is actually long enough that I literally tie my hair in a knot and then just secure it with an elastic! For the half-up do, I just section off about 1/3 hair right above my ears, then just twist it around itself and secure with a ponytail. Lastly, I will pull apart the bun a little to create volume.

The scrunchie I am wearing is from SEWco. which is the cutest little online shop based out of College Station, TX. They have such an adorable assortment of scrunchies, and they all come with a cute little message on them! (Mine says “check meowt”) You can even customize them to say anything you want – your name, your sorority, anything you can think of! It is such a cute way to make a regular ole scrunchie exciting and fun!

I have linked some of my favorite hair accessories below, just click on any picture to shop that item!


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