April Roundup

I seriously can’t believe that April has come to an end. This month just flew by! Today I wanted to just come on here and chat/update y’all with my life and everything I have been up to this month. April has been a crazyyy month but has been full of amazing, memorable moments!

For starters, I got my Aggie Ring. I go to Texas A&M University and getting your college ring is a huge deal here. Once you have 90 hours, you are eligible to get your ring…and with that includes a not-so-conventional tradition – chugging a pitcher of beer. This tradition is called a  “Ring Dunk,” which includes dropping your ring in a pitcher of beer and chugging it as fast as you can.  I know, crazy right. But hey – the fact that I am typing this message here today means that I am alive and well, so it all ended okay.

I celebrated three months of “The Kalon Blog.” April marks the three months since I have started The Kalon Blog! Since then I have learned so much about the blogging community and have had the opportunity to connect with so many amazing women. I recently had dinner with two other College Station bloggers, Summer and Morgan.They both have killer style and are the sweetest girls ever, so you should definitely check out their blogs! (the-vixen.com and withlovesummer.com) I am continuously amazed by the love and support I have seen from other women in the blogging community, it truly is a beautiful thing to see girls building each other up rather than bringing each other down!

I went to South Padre Island. We visited my grandpa in South Padre Island for Easter weekend! It was gorgeous weather with clear skies and beautiful palm trees! I have younger cousins so even though I am 20, I luckily still got to participate in easter egg dying and helping with egg hunting 😉 It was a great weekend full of sandy hair, seafood, and sunshine!

Enjoying milkshakes at one of my favorite cafes in Downtown Bryan!

Casino Royale Formal at Messina Hof Winery.

Music Favorites:

Tall Grass And the Weeds. My older brother is in an Indie Rock band, Tall Grass and the Weeds. I saw them perform yesterday at a music festival in San Marcos and they did awesome! You can check them out here. Please go show them some love! You can find out more about them here: SoundcloudInstagram & Facebook.

This month has been filled with fun and adventure – lake days, day trips to Austin, listening to live music, and focussing on school in the midst of all of the craziness!  It has been a great month, but I am so excited Summer break is almost here. For those of you that don’t know, I am an education major studying 4-8th grade English/History. We just have one week of finals and then I will be out of school until September – woohoo! Anywhoo, I would LOVE to hear in the comments what you have been up to this month!

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