Best MAC Lipsticks + MAC Lipstick Review

Best MAC Lipstick Nude + Pink Shades

Best Mac Lipsticks: Pinks + Nudes

  1. Viva Glam II (Satin) A muted pink-shimmer.
  2. Velvet Teddy (Matte) Deep-Tone Beige.
  3. Faux (Satin) Muted Mauve-pink.
  4. Brave (Satin) Pink Beige with White Pearl.
  5. Twig (Satin) Soft Muted Brownish-Pink.

Best MAC Lipstick Nude + Pink Shades

MAC Lipstick Review:

My makeup drawer is a big mix of drugstore + higher end products. I have tried almost every lipstick brand out there – from Chanel and Tarte Cosmetics to Maybelline and NYX. Many people question whether MAC lipsticks are really worth $17, when there are so many other more affordable brands out there. I can’t speak for MAC’s other products, but I truly do think I get the bang for my buck with these lipsticks! I have worn these shades SOO many times but still have so much product left in them.

Additionally, they truly are very long lasting and I don’t have to reapply them every 10 minutes like I do for some of my other lipsticks. There are many finishes of MAC lipsticks, but my personal favorite is the satin finish. The satin finish is more moisturizing than the matte but are still very opaque and long lasting. If you have been contemplating splurging on some MAC lip products – I’d say go for it!

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  1. September 25, 2018 / 1:33 pm

    I also like MAC! It’s one of my holy grail. And Velvet Teddy shade is a “go to” for me. Keep sharing your thoughts!

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